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伦敦大火London fire

A HUGE fire ripped through a West London tower block in minutes and left hundreds of people homeless and dozens in hospital.


The blaze that happened in the early hours of June 14 trapped families in their homes as they were unable to escape the smoke and flames – leading Met Police to estimate over a hundred people may have died.


17 people have been confirmed as dead and a total of 74 people were being treated at six London hospitals with 17 in critical care.


The cause of the fire has not been confirmed – although one witness said it was started by his neighbour’s fridge exploding – as it was declared a major incident.



rip through  突进,裂开,横冲直闯,猛烈爆炸

tower block  摩天大楼,塔式大楼

Met (Metropolitan) Police  大都会警察

critical care  急救护理,特级护理

major incident  重大事故

章莹颖失踪disappearance of Yingying Zhang

University of Illinois police are asking the public's help to find a visiting scholar from China who has been missing from the Urbana-Champaign campus since Friday.


Yingying Zhang, 26, was last seen June 9 near the north end of campus.


Security camera footage released by university police shows a black Saturn Astra approaching Zhang on the sidewalk just after 2 p.m.. She can be seen talking for several moments to the driver, who cannot be identified from the footage, then getting in the vehicle.

校园警方公布的安全监控视频显示,刚过下午2点,一辆黑色Saturn Astra 轿车靠近了人行道上的章莹颖。章莹颖和司机攀谈了一会儿后上了该车,但视频画面上无法辨别司机容貌。

Zhang, originally from southeastern China, arrived in the U.S. in late April as part of a yearlong appointment to collaborate on faculty research in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, university spokeswoman Robin Kaler said.



Police are interviewing Zhang's friends and colleagues, searching area surveillance footage and checking local hospitals. Authorities also are looking into reports of a black vehicle whose driver invited other women into the car, police said.


The FBI is investigating the disappearance of Yingying Zhang as a kidnapping.



visiting scholar  访问学者

security camera footage  安全监控录像

sidewalk  人行道

yearlong  整整一年的,持续一年的

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)  美国联邦调查局

kidnap  绑架

父亲节Father's Day

Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 18, 2017 in the UK, as well as a host of other countries around the world.


The idea originated in the USA and has been officially celebrated there on the third Sunday in June since 1966. The exact origins of what we now know as Father’s Day are disputed, though we do know the movement for a day which celebrated fatherhood began roughly 100 years ago.


In China, Father’s Day used to be celebrated on 8 August as the Chinese for eight is “ba”, while a colloquial word for father is “ba-ba” – so the eighth day of the eighth month sounds similar to “daddy”.


The day has since been moved to the third Sunday of June, in line with the UK and US.



fall on  降临,落到,指向

a host of  许多,一大群,大量

originate  发生于,起源于

fatherhood  父亲的身份,夫权,父性

roughly  粗糙地,概略地,大致

colloquial  白话的,通俗的,口语的

in line with  符合,与一致

国足战平叙利亚China’s draw against Syria

China's hopes of qualifying for next year's World Cup Finals hang by the thinnest of threads after an injury-time goal from Saleh saw Syria hold Marcello Lippi's team to a 2-2 draw on the evening of June 13.



Second-half goals from Gao Lin and Wu Xi looked set to give China the win after Mahmoud Al Mawas had put the Syrians in front in the 12th minute when he scored from the penalty spot.


But Al Saleh's injury-time free-kick saw the points shared and leaves the Chinese six points behind third-placed Uzbekistan with two games remaining, with the two nations set to meet in August.



qualify for  的资格

injury time  伤停补时(通常足球比赛结束后都有伤停时间,而时间都不一定,计算方式是由主裁判计算的,通常是有球员受伤、换人等补时30秒,也可以视情况而定。)

goal  目标;射门,得分进球

draw  n. 平局;抽签 v. 绘画;拖动

look set to  将要,看起来

penalty spot  点球

free kick  任意球

临近空间太阳能无人机 near-space solar drone

China's Caihong (CH), or Rainbow, solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the country's first near-space solar drone, has successfully conducted a 15-hour flight at an altitude of 20 km.


The CH UAV, with a wingspan of 45 meters equipped with solar panels, boasts a high cost efficiency as it does not require refuelling during long-term missions. Also, the solar-powered feature allows the UAV to generate no air pollution, making it environmentally-friendly.


With the success of the CH UAV flight, China has become the third country to master near-space solar drone technology following the United States and the United Kingdom.


According to the project plan, the CH UAV will perform as a "quasi-satellite" in the future, being able to supplant some functions of telecommunication satellites in providing data relay services.


It is also expected to be used as "an airborne mobile Wi-Fi hub" to provide convenient mobile telecommunication and Internet access for remote areas and islands, saving the huge construction and maintenance costs of traditional communication means.


The UAV will also be capable of forestry and agricultural surveying as well as early warning and real-time monitoring of disasters. In earthquake, flood or forest fire situations where telecommunications are cut off, such vehicles may provide services to maintain communication with the affected areas.



unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)  无人驾驶飞行器(无人机)

altitude  高度;海拔

wingspan  翼展

solar panels  太阳能电池板

cost efficiency  成本效率

quasi-satellite  准卫星

supplant  代替

data relay  数据中继

forestry  林业

real-time  实时的

X射线调制望远镜Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope

China launched its first X-ray space telescope to observe black holes, pulsars and gamma-ray bursts, via a Long March-4B carrier rocket from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 11 a.m. June 15.


The 2.5-tonne Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT), dubbed Insight, was sent into an orbit of 550 kilometers above the earth to help scientists better understand the evolution of black holes, and the strong magnetic fields and the interiors of pulsars.


Through the telescope, scientists will also study how to use pulsars for spacecraft navigation, and search for gamma-ray bursts corresponding to gravitational waves.


The result of the wisdom and efforts of several generations of Chinese scientists, Insight is expected to push forward the development of space astronomy and improve space X-ray detection technology in China.



space telescope  太空望远镜

pulsar / 'p?lsɑ?脉冲星

gamma-ray burst  伽马射线暴

carrier rocket  运载火箭

magnetic field  磁场

corresponding to  相一致

gravitational wave  引力波;重力波

push forward  推进

space astronomy  空间天文学

世界无肉日World Meet-Free Day

Monday June 12, 2017 is World Meat-Free Day, which celebrates an initiative that hopes to get everyone to adopt a vegetarian diet for just 24 hours. The aim is to promote healthier diets, living sustainably, and cutting our carbon footprint.


According to the organisers of World Meat Free Day, by 2050 the global population is set to increase to over 9 billion people, and if we continue with our current diets then meat production is set to reach 200 million tonnes, a figure which simply cannot be reached.


Producing meat takes quite a lot of energy. You have to provide either feed to the animals or let them graze on open pastures. Either way, you need to grow that food, as well as water the land and keep the cattle from getting parched—all of which generates carbon dioxide emissions.


Giving up meat can also help save water. Giving up meat for one day saves the equivalent of nine people’s daily water usage. Simply put, we need to make changes to our dietary choices in order to be better equipped for the future.



initiative  倡议;主动性

carbon footprint  碳足迹

feed  饲料;喂养

graze  吃草;擦伤

pasture  草场,牧场

cattle  牛;牲畜

carbon dioxide  二氧化碳

parched  干渴的;干透的

the equivalent of  相当于,等价的

dietary choice  饮食习惯

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