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跟Mr. Lee学一周热门英语  

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It's that time of the year again. Around 9.4 million students are taking the national college entrance examination, or Gaokao, on June 7 and 8. How well they do will significantly impact their future, determining whether they are accepted into their preferred school. As the performance of the students over the two-day test can have such a significant bearing, preparation for the exam is grueling and time-consuming.

又是一年高考日。67- 8日,约有940万考生参加全国高等学校招生考试,也称高考。他们的考试成绩将关系到是否能被心仪的学校录取,并对自己的未来产生很大影响。在为期两天的考试中,考生的发挥对他们而言意义重大,因此备考过程也十分艰苦漫长。

Central China's Henan Province has the largest number of gaokao takers, a total of 863000 this year, an increase of 43000 compared with 2016. The hashtag "Go for it, gaokao" has garnered more than 2.03 billion page views on Sina Weibo on June 6.


During the examination, police cars and ambulances are stationed outside the test center to ensure the safety and security of the students. But of course, the students' biggest fans are their parents. Many waited in the heat for hours to welcome their children out of the exam hall first.



entrance examination  入学考试

preferred  优先的,首选的

have a bearing on  ...有关,关系到,影响到

grueling  极度劳累的

Gaokao taker  高考考生

hashtag  标签

go for it  努力争取,加油

garner  获得,收集

page view  浏览量,点击量,访问量

station  驻扎;车站

exam hall  考场

苹果2017世界开发者大会 Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2017

Apple held its annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 5 in San Jose, California. During the first-day keynote, Apple announced iOS 11, MacOS High Sierra, a new iPod Pro and the HomePod speaker.

65日,苹果公司在加州圣何塞举行了世界开发者大会。在第一天的主题演讲中,苹果公布了iOS 11MacOS High Sierra操作系统、新款iPod Pro和智能扬声器HomePod

Apple's new $349 music speaker, dubbed the HomePod, drew the most attention from Wall Street analysts. Many noted that Apple is trailing Amazon's Echo and Google's Google Home speakers in the new market for voice-controlled digital devices. The HomePod announcement was more focused on music, where Apple is strong, and less on the use of digital assistance to look up information or send messages, where Apple seems to be behind.

苹果的新型音乐播放器名为HomePod,价值349美元(约合人民币2370元),成为最吸引华尔街分析师的产品。许多分析师表示,在新兴声控数码设备市场,苹果落后于亚马逊的Echo和谷歌的Google Home播放器。HomePod的宣介更注重苹果擅长的音乐方面,而非数码助手的信息查找或短信发送功能,在这些方面苹果则稍显不足。

Apple also announced new software tools to help app developers in two of the hottest areas, artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality.



keynote  n.主旨,基调;v.定基调

sierra  锯齿状山峰

speaker  扬声器;讲话者

dub  ...称为;配音

trail  落后;追踪;拖曳;小路;痕迹

voice-controlled  声控

augment  增大,增强

共享单车实名制 real-name registration for bike-sharing

The Chinese government decided on May 29 to consider regulating bike-sharing services, which have boomed nationwide but led to problems such as congested city sidewalks. The Ministry of Transport (MOT) will solicit public opinion from May 22 to June 5 on draft rules requiring local governments to better manage bike sharing and arrange for orderly parking.


Careless parking of the bicycles will be recorded and regulated in the future as the draft rules require real-name registration for the bike-sharing service. Due to safety concerns, the rules forbid children under the age of 12 from riding shared bikes.


The transportation regulator also encouraged bike-sharing platforms to offer service without requiring deposits and to ensure that users will not lose their deposits when companies merge or go out of business.


Mobike and Ofo, the two biggest players in the bike-sharing market, both voiced support for the draft rules and called for sustainable development of the sector.



bike-sharing  共享单车

boom  繁荣发展,发出隆隆声

congested  堵塞的,拥挤的

the Ministry of Transport  交通运输部

solicit  征求,请求

real-name registration  实名制

deposit  押金

merge  合并,融合

go out of business  破产

voice  v. 表达,声音,发言权 n. 声音,发言权,愿望

sector  (经济的)部门;部分

活驴喂虎 live donkey fed to tigers

On June 5 afternoon at Yancheng Safari Park, a group of zoo investors have tossed a live donkey to tigers in a fit of rage after a dispute with management.


The donkey is seen being pushed out of a truck into a moat in the tigers' enclosure, where it is quickly set upon by the tigers. Video clips and photos of the incident have gone viral on Chinese social media, triggering shocked reactions. The zoo apologised to the public for the incident.


In statements released on its Sina Weibo microblogging account, the zoo said the incident stemmed from a legal case between the zoo and another company. The case led a court to freeze the zoo's assets two years ago.


Several animals, including two giraffes and a chimpanzee, also died because the zoo could not obtain permits to transport them elsewhere for medical treatment. Its shareholders were "filled with anger for a long time" as they were unable to receive returns on their investments, and were also upset about the animals' deaths.



safari park  野生动物园

a fit of  突发一阵

moat  护城河;壕沟

set upon  袭击;挑拨;开始

stem from  起源于

giraffe  长颈鹿

chimpanzee  黑猩猩

智能轨道快运系统 Autonomous Rail Transit

Chinese railcar-maker CRRC on Jun. 2 unveiled a new product called Autonomous Rail Transit (ART) in Zhuzhou, Hunan province, and the bus-rail combo rapid transit system is expected to speed up city’s public transportation.


According to CRRC, ART uses rubber wheels instead of steel wheels. It’s also equipped with the company’s copyrighted technology to automatically guide the vehicles. It carries the advantages of both rail and bus transit systems and is agile and non-polluting.


ART is much cheaper than ordinary subway, which cost about 400-700 million RMB per kilometer in China. And compared with electric streetcars, which cost 150-200 million RMB per kilometer, ART is only about one-fifth the investment.

智轨的造价远低于普通地铁,在中国后者的建设成本为每公里4- 7亿元。而与有轨电车每公里1.5- 2亿元的造价相比,智轨所需投入也仅为其五分之一。

CRRC began designing the ART system in 2013. The first ART car is 31 meters in length, with a maximum passenger load of 307 people or 48 tons. Its top speed is 70 kilometers per hour, and it can travel 25 kilometers in distance after 10 minutes of charging.



combo  联合体,结合物

speed up  加快,使加速

transit  运输;经过

agile  灵活的;机敏的

streetcar  有轨电车

passenger load  载客量

charge  充电

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