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domestically built aircraft carrier

China launched its second aircraft carrier Wednesday morning. The new carrier, the first developed and built by China, was transferred from a dry dock into water at a launch ceremony starting at about 9 a.m. in the Dalian shipyard of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation.


It came after the Liaoning, a refitted Soviet Union-made carrier put into commission in the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy in 2012. China began building its second carrier in November 2013, with dock construction starting in March 2015.


The main body of the carrier has been completed, with equipment of major systems including propulsion and electricity installed. Putting the carrier into water marks significant progress in China's efforts to design and build a domestic aircraft carrier.


After the launch, the new carrier will undergo equipment debugging, outfitting and mooring trials.



aircraft carrier  航空母舰

dry dock  干船坞

refit  改装,整修

put into commission  (军舰等)编入现役

propulsion  推力;推动器

debug  调试

outfit  舾装(泛指在船舶各个生产阶段的安装工程)

mooring trial  系泊试验


French presidential election

In France’s most consequential election in recent history, voters on Sunday chose Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen to go to a runoff on 7 May to determine the next president.


The result upended traditional French politics: it is the first time in six decades that neither of France's main left-wing or right-wing parties has had a candidate in the second round.


At 39, Mr Macron could become the youngest president France has ever had - and the first president in the Fifth Republic who does not belong to a major party.


Mr Macron was current President Francois Hollande's economy minister but quit to create his own party, En Marche, which pushes a liberal, pro-EU agenda.


Macron remains the frontrunner, and the markets moved to reflect that. The euro jumped against the dollar to its highest level since November as investors bet that the chances of Le Pen winning power were fading.



consequential  影响重大的,间接的,结果的,重要的,随之发生的

runoff  决赛

upend  倒立,颠倒

left-wing party  左翼政党

the Fifth Republic  法兰西第五共和国(即现法国)

push a ... agenda  推行……政策

frontrunner  领跑者,领先候选人

euro against dollar  欧元兑美元


retraction of papers

An international publisher has retracted 107 research papers by Chinese authors, after finding out that the reports had been "compromised."


The articles were published by the Springer Nature publishing company in the journal Tumor Biology, between 2012 and 2016.


The publisher said it found that the papers, which are required to be peer-reviewed, had been submitted to reviewers who had fake email addresses.


The articles were submitted with the names of real researchers, but fabricated email addresses, Peter Butler, editorial director at Springer Nature for cell biology and biochemistry, was quoted in a report by state-run China Daily.



retract  收回/撤回所说的话,取消,缩回

peer-reviewed  同行评议,同行审阅

fake  adj.伪造的;v.捏造,假装;n.假货,骗子

with the name of…  之名

fabricate  制造;伪造;装配

state-run  国营的,国立的


China Space Day


China marked Apr. 24 its second Space Day with a variety of activities to celebrate the country's aerospace accomplishments, with Xi'an, capital of the northwestern Shaanxi Province, the centre of the occasion.


The Chinese government set April 24th as the country's "Space Day" in 2016 to mark the 40th anniversary of China's first satellite, the "Dongfanghong-1" being put into orbit.


2017's Space Day comes amid numerous breakthroughs and extended plans for China's space program.


China's first automated cargo spaceship, the Tianzhou-1, successfully docked with the orbiting Tiangong-2 space lab on Apr. 22.


Meanwhile, Chinese scientists are busy preparing for the launch of the Chang'e-5 lunar probe by the end of this year. Chang'e-5 will involve sending a robot to the moon's surface to collect samples. It will then launch itself back into space, where it will re-connect with the orbiting lunar probe, according to media reports.



aerospace accomplishments  航天成就

be put into orbit  发射进入轨道

automated  自动的

cargo spaceship  货运飞船

dock with  对接

orbit  轨道;绕轨道运行

space lab  空间实验室

lunar probe  月球探测器

collect samples  采集样本


leak of full series

China’s hit anti-corruption TV drama In the Name of People was recently leaked online ahead of its licensed release.


The 55-episode anti-graft TV drama, adapted from a namesake novel by Chinese writer Zhou Meisen, have earned both good ratings and rave reviews nationwide since it premiered on Hunan Satellite TV in late March. Meanwhile, it is also available on online TV provider PPTV.


However, the sensational TV drama has quickly fallen prey to online piracy. The full series was leaked online in mid-April when the hit TV drama was less than halfway aired via licensed channels. People can pay as little as RMB 8.8 to view the full series through WeChat, Weibo and Baidu Cloud.


The leaked episodes were said to be the sample version submitted for approval to country’s top media watchdog, but the origin of the leak has not been identified.


It is estimated the piracy may cause an aggregate loss of over RMB 500 million to PPTV, Hunan Satellite TV and other parties involved. The National Copyright Administration is looking into the matter, and has been taking measures to stamp out the piracy.



namesake  同名物

rave review  好评如潮

fall prey to  成为的牺牲品;深受之害

watchdog  监管部门

stamp out  踩灭;消灭;镇压

TED 2017大会 

TED Conference 2017

TED opened its annual conference in Vancouver on Apr.23. The theme of this year is “The Future You,” in which TED challenges speakers to imagine how people might work to “collectively thrive in a world of change,” according to TED curator Chris Anderson.


Some of the key speakers include tennis superstar Serena Williams, entrepreneur and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, and chess champion Garry Kasparov.


Speakers will explore the most pressing questions of our time and imagine what our shared future might look like, from how we'll work to how we'll connect and interact. Sessions will stretch to Friday around topics such as “our robotic overlords,” and “the human response,” to “protection, planet,” and “connection, community.”



a world of change  充满变化的时代

curator  馆长,守护人,管理者

pressing  紧急的,迫切的

stretch to  持续到,延伸

overlord  主人,君主,霸主


oyster crisis

Danish people would never expect that the oyster crisis confronting their country may turn into a food-lovers' bonanza in China. The European country's dilemma may be the last thing Chinese people would ever understand as they see the abundance of seafood as a treat, rather than a problem.


The Danish Embassy published a story on the evening of Apr. 24 on its official Sina Weibo account, China's twitter-like social network, about the problems for their country caused by an invasion of the exotic oysters. Chinese internet users enthusiastically responded with much discussion about ways to address the issue on Weibo, then WeChat, another popular social media network.


The embassy makes a small joke in the post to invite Chinese people to eat oysters in Denmark which triggered heated debate. Apparently, when it comes to eating, Chinese people are very serious and they already started to make plans for their oyster journey.



turn into  变成,进入

bonanza  鸿运,财运,好运,幸事

the last thing  最不愿做的事,最后一件事

address the issue  解决问题

social media  社交媒体

make a joke  开玩笑

heated debate  热烈的争论,热议


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